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"When I was first ordered by the court to take parenting classes. I was appalled! I thought "I'm a good parent, I don't need parenting classes!" However, I sucked up my pride and found Anna and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. She's real! She's honest! She customizes it to your life and the things you are experiencing with your child. I didn't think divorce was affecting my three year old but when you're dealing with the courts, the financial burden, the opposing party it takes a toll on YOU and may indirectly affect your child. Anna help me see that and helped me work through it in order to transition my daughter during this difficult time. I truly appreciate all she's done!"

-Noha E., New Jersey

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"Anna, thank you very much for the wonderful webinar! It was super helpful, lots of good substantive material. I found your overview of soliciting good intentions useful, especially the examples of those routine situations."

-Olga S., New Jersey

"I just wanted to say thanks..... You mentioned using the statement, "we are going to leave soon.... are five more minutes enough for you to finish playing?" I use this instead of the few minute warnings we used to talk about. And this statement has been so effective. Sometimes he says no and asks for another amount of minutes and we compromise. And other times he just says OK. Either way...its a much nicer conversation and then we are both in agreement and have our needs met. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks."

-Michelle, New Jersey

"In my personal experience, Anna Seewald's wisdom has changed the way I approach parenting after just one session with her. I've been able to see my toddler's behavior in a new light and spend more time enjoying his company."

 ​-Kristy L., Metuchen, NJ​​

"Thank you so much for the fantastic workshop! I gained a lot from attending and I was glad I could make it.  I have really felt a shift in how I respond to my children following the workshop."

 ​-Sheila R., Highland Park, NJ​​

"I found the workshop very enlightening. The concepts were easy to use. The seminar game me a toolkit to spend productive time with my kids and solve everyday issues which every parent faces in a fun and playful manner."

​                                                                                        -Jalaj S., Princeton, New Jersey

*****Highly Recommended.

"Ms. Anna Seewald is talented in so many areas. My experience with her was for an Authentic Parenting Course. She has taught me many helpful tools that I refer to and use to this day. I had the opportunity to have her meet my daughter (age 7) and found her skills and knowledge with children to be highly impressive and respected. I would like to share that my parenting skills meetings were like having coffee with an insightful and experienced friend who shares her knowledge without intimidation or judgment but rather with an open heart. Many thanks to Anna Seawald and Authentic Parenting. I recommend contacting her and/or attending any Authentic Parenting courses or seminars. I am confident that you too will be impressed and learn skills for better parenting. "

​                                                                                                                    -Donna J., South Brunswick, NJ

"Dealing with a toddler for the first time in our lives became really challenging once he hit his 2nd B-day, in addition to having a new baby in the family. The two workshops we took with Anna were very helpful for developing our parenting skills, and helped us see where we could improve in raising our children. The classes were very simple, easy to follow, and affordable. Anna provided us with valuable tools and techniques needed we now (after 6 months) think that are required for parenting success. Specifically, it has helped us to re-examine the rules of the house, and to find the flexibility and the playful parent that was hidden deep within us.  I highly recommend it to all parents that want to define and fine-tune their parenting skills."

-Orly L., Highland Park, NJ

"Thank you for your wisdom. Your approach is very comforting!"

 ​-Mike P., East Brunswick, NJ

"My husband and I had a hard time letting things go. During the workshop all ideas sounded good and we were excited to go home and give it a try. It was harder than we thought. It took time. Things slowly started improving. We took the entire workshop series and yet, we had difficulties changing ourselves and our old ways. 

Through the process, our own childhood issues surfaced, and that was one of the hardest things to overcome. We couldn't move forward. Thanks to Anna's encouragement, free phone follow ups and her dedication to help us-we stayed committed.

Several months later, with the second one on his way, we are better prepared. It was truly transformational. "

-Jamie M., North Brunswick, NJ

"I had a few SKYPE sessions with Anna from Armenia. I am grateful for the advice and work she has offered. It's invaluable. 

Her approach has completely changed the way I view children. 

Thank you!"

​-Lusine P., Yerevan, Armenia

Here is what people are saying...

"It was fun to try new methods to interact with my son after every session.  The sessions gave us new awareness and techniques for better communication with our child. Thanks Anna and all our lovely participants! "

​                                                                                    -Junko O., Highland Park, New Jersey

"The seminar was beyond my expectations. The most novel thing I learned was the R.E.V.E.A.L formula and the topics on emotions, crying and children's stress. It transformed the way I see some things and I can say with confidence that I am a different parent. Now that I know how to decode my kids’ behavior and address their needs when possible - I am a relaxed parent. Anna is a very passionate speaker and the way she explains things makes it easy to understand. The seminar was very interactive and each parent received plenty of time for questions and answers. It was great to exchange information and experiences with other parents and surprising to discover that most of us had common issues. I would recommend it to someone who is tired of typical parenting books and notions and desires to explore something fresh. "

              ​-Karen S., Somerset, NJ, Mother of 2                                                             

"On behalf of the North Brunswick Special Education PTO, we wish to thank you for the valuable information you shared at our meeting tonight.  From the feedback we received, your presentation was a great success.  We appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to join us and thank you for sharing your insights and expertise with our attendees. Your willingness to volunteer your time and energy to benefit other parents is greatly appreciated.
Again, many thanks for your time and effort."

​                    -North Brunswick Special Ed.  PTO

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