Authentic Parent, 8 Week Course

This is the original course. Each week we cover a specific topic. Sessions are 90 min. long. Gain new knowledge and information about the latest research in brain science and psychology. Transform your parenting. Learn the parenting from the heart tools. Gain balance and peace. Work on the issues you cary from your past that affect your parenting. Let's explore strategies that enhance communication with your child and family. 

  • ​in person, office sessions (NJ Parents only)-WEEKEND availability for busy, working parents
  • ONLINE, it's recorded, flexible hours to fit your schedule


-Becoming self aware, recovering from the past

-Understanding behavior, needs

-Improving communication

-Moving toward gentle, non-punitive discipline

-Setting limits with kindness


and more

*There is no extra fee for partners/husbands. 


3 Private Coaching Sessions

Get expert advice and compassionate answers to your parenting questions. Don't be alone with the challenges of parenthood. Whether you are facing a specific issue or want to change the way you parent-personalized consultations with Anna Seewald will help you to navigate through the emotional journey of parenting. Learn how to interact with your children in new ways that will enhance their development, build their self esteem and transform your relationship. 


  • ​in person, office sessions (NJ Parents only)
  • by phone (worldwide)
  • via Skype (worldwide)

​If you are uncertain whether parenting from the heart approach is suitable for you, we recommend a 30 min. free consultation. 

*You have the flexibility of using these 3 hours at your convenience. If you wish to continue with more private coaching, you can always request additional sessions.  

Payments can be made by phone or via Paypal. All major credit cards are accepted. The cost for 1 hour session is $65. 



Couples Communication Building Class

This is an ideal class for couples who disagree on discipline and other parenting issues, have different parenting styles and philosophies, feel disconnected as a couple, argue a lot and want to improve their communication and strengthen their relationship. 

  • ​in person, office sessions (NJ Parents only)
  • over the phone (recorded so you can listen to it anytime after the call)
  • over the Skype

*This is a 6 week class. You have the flexibility to schedule the classes in a way that best  fit your busy life and calendar. 


If you are uncertain whether parenting from the heart approach is suitable for you, we recommend a 30 min. free consultation. 


Become more playful, patient, mindful and be kinder towards your kids and yourself.

parenting from the heart

Want an enthusiastic, passionate and inspirational speaker for your event? 

Authentic Parenting​ 

Court Ordered Parenting Classes

​Private, confidential and easy to follow. These classes are tailored to your needs. After the completion of the course you will receive a Certificate of Completion. 

Whether you are going through a divorce, custody battles or are involved with DCF-this is the right place for you.

*This is a 12 week program. You have the flexibility to schedule your classes that best fit your calendar. Weekend classes available. 


Authentic ParentingTM is a private business that specializes in parent education and parenting consultations. It provides services, resources and support for families and parents. Parenting classes, workshops, personalized, one on one consultations, SKYPE sessions and phone consulting. Expert advice, compassionate approach, affordable prices.
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