Authentic Parenting​ 

parenting from the heart

Deepen your connection, get kids to listen and transfrom your relationship.


Helping parents to build strong relationships with their kids, gain balance, joy and confidence, create calmer and happier homes, overcome everyday parenting challenges with easy to use strategies and down to earth principles. 

"I found the workshop very enlightening. The concepts were easy to use. The seminar game me a toolkit to spend productive time with my kids and solve everyday issues which every parent faces in a fun and playful manner."

                                    -Jalaj S.

What people are saying

  • non-punitive discipline
  • effective communication
  • perspective taking
  • healthy limits with kindness
  • strong relationships
  • emotional freedom
  • ​happy families

Authentic Parenting helps you unlock the unresolved emotional issues, traumas/pain/lose you cary from your childhood, make sense of your life experiences and heal from your past. It helps you see beyond behavior, understand your child’s emotional needs and the root causes of challenging behaviors. It teaches you non-violent, effective communication to enhance your relationship with your child and deepen your connection. Gives you the necessary tools and skills to move towards non-punitive discipline and teaches you how to set limits with kindness. Helping parents to help their children to self regulate and cope with emotions. It all starts with an attuned connection-the foundation of a healthy relationship. 

We offer professional guidance, compassionate advice and support to help you be the best parent you can be. We give you the tools for you to build strong, meaningful relationships and deep connections with your children. To become more mindful, patient, find balance, and move towards no spanking, no yelling parenting. 
From taming those tantrums to setting limits around technology use, aggressive behavior to bedtime problems, sibling rivalry to power struggles-we are here to help you to overcome the daily challenges and give you insights for aware parenting and raising respectful, considerate, emotionally healthy children. 
Discover the joy of authentic parenting! Start TODAY! 

Authentic Parenting is a parent education service. We work with parents of toddlers to teens.
We teach parents solid knowledge, necessary skills, new tools and strategies to improve their family life, parent confidently, find balance and joy in the emotional job of parenting. We offer one on one coaching, group workshops, and a variety of parenting classes from new parent to court ordered. Helping parents to deepen their connection to the present moment, themselves and their children is our mission. Our physical office is located in New Jersey but we work with parents around the world-providing education, coaching and support in person, by phone and via Skype.

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"In my personal experience, Anna Seewald's wisdom has changed the way I approach parenting after just one session with her. I've been able to see my toddler's behavior in a new light and spend more time enjoying his company."

                                -Kristy L. 

"Thank you so much for the fantastic workshop! I gained a lot from attending and I was glad I could make it.  I have really felt a shift in how I respond to my children following the workshop."

                                   -Sheila R.


What is Authentic Parenting and how does it help parents?

Authentic ParentingTM is a private business that specializes in parent education and parenting consultations. It provides services, resources and support for families and parents. Parenting classes, workshops, personalized, one on one consultations, SKYPE sessions and phone consulting. Expert advice, compassionate approach, affordable prices.
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