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Your Life Can Be Different 

"Working with Anna is great. I love her approach about staying connected with your child and to look where „bad" behavior is coming from. Instead of punishment! After every session I feel empowered and supported. She teaches me how to help my kids handling their emotions.And how to stay calm and strong as a parent.  Without Anna we would have more tantrums and tears in our house. She is a very warm and kind person who makes it easy to open up and get the help you need."

-Ina, Mother of 2

"I want to express my immense gratitude to have found you and have the privilege to work with you throughout the year. Your help was crucial to get me through this year and to be able to maintain a loving and safe environment for my kids to grow and to parent in this way I beleive its healthier for them."

-Kelly, Mother of 2, Yoga Instructor, Doula

"I found the workshop very enlightening. The concepts were easy to use. The seminar game me a toolkit to spend productive time with my kids and solve everyday issues which every parent faces in a fun and playful manner."​

-Jalaj, Father of 2​​

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You want to feel more connected, present and patient ​
  • You resort to threats, yelling, bribes, rewards and punishments to get kids to listen and do what you ask them to do
  • You want to parent differently than your parents  
  • You want to learn and grow and be the best version of yourself
  • You are ordered by the court to take parenting classes
  • Feelings are tough to handle–the feelings of the child (anger, frustration, tantrums) and your own feelings (fears, guilt, frustration, anger)


Cultivate listening skills and improve your communication

Make sense of your life experiences and heal from your past

I Am a Parent Educator 

I help parents - just like you - to build deep emotional connections, strong relationships with their kids and create peaceful homes with tools and strategies to move from old ways of parenting into more conscious approach. 

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Create emotion friendly home, change your mindset about behavior

parenting from the heart

All You Need is Support and Guidance

I would like to be your coach and support for you on your parenting journey. Give you tools, knowledge and skills for you to navigate the daily challenges so that you can feel more confident and enjoy your kids and life more. You don't have to continue feeling overwhelmed, guilty, shameful or fearful. You can change your most special relationships for good including the one with YOURSELF. Change begins with self. 

Start by exploring the FREE library I put together. Listen to my Podcast or join my Private Facebook group where I offer bi-weekly FREE phone support to the group members. ​​​

I Am a Parent Too​​

I know first hand what you are going through...from morning battles to get dressed and get out the door on time to power struggles...struggling to take care of my own needs and being present...trying to balance motherhood, work and taking care of my kid and a household...parenting with my partner so we can find common grounds and maintain our own voice. I fundamentally believe that social and emotional support for parents is VITAL. 

​I am on the mission to help children by helping parents. I am dedicated in shifting the mainstream parenting paradigm one parent at a time. I would love for you to join that movement. 

After working with parents, children, teachers for over 18 years I have developed powerful tools such as the REVEAL formula, the Freedom Frame to help parents understand themselves better, empathically listen to children's feelings, establish effective communication and instead of giving in or being overly punitive, set limits confidently and coach children to reach their potential. 


Non-punitive discipline, setting limits with kindness and empathy

In this very moving episode, parenting educator Anna Seewald of AuthenticParenting.com shares a story she’s never told before. You see, when she was just 13 years old, Anna survived a devastating earthquake that killed many in her family. This traumatic early life event led her to become a therapist and later a parent educator. Today she helps parents build strong relationships with their kids, in part by working through formative experiences from their pasts. You’ll need a hankie to get through Anna’s story about how she connected the dots between one of her frustrations as parent and something that happened in the aftermath of the quake. We learn that there’s incredible value in examining the things that trigger us with our children–that push our buttons, that make us lose our patience–because they just might point to important events from our past that we need to work through. Doing so will help us have the strong relationships with our children that we need to weather the storms.

Authentic Parenting​ 

Authentic ParentingTM is a private business that specializes in parent education and parenting consultations. It provides services, resources and support for families and parents. Parenting classes, workshops, personalized, one on one consultations, SKYPE sessions and phone consulting. Expert advice, compassionate approach, affordable prices.
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